November 3, 2020 is a very important day in our country – ELECTION DAY! This election, some say, is the most important and consequential election in our entire history. It may very well mean freedom or slavery (socialism).


What you can do:
2. If you are not registered – register to vote and then vote.
3. Get others to register and then vote.
4. Pray.
5. Check out the candidates – very easy with
6. Send this link to all your friends across the country!

With the iVoter Guide you can:
1. Search by state, zip code or candidate
2. Check the party platforms
3. Check the policy positions of Presidential Candidates

One very helpful feature is the survey that the candidates were asked to fill out – some did, some didn’t.

This voter guide is sponsored by many conservative organizations including: AFA Action, FRC Action, CWA LAC, Eagle Forum Georgia, Priests for Life, VA Freedom Caucus, and many others.

I actually worked on rating Virginia and Pennsylvania candidates along with my panel members.

Janet Stasulli
Co-Founder and President
419 Fund

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