URGENT NEED – Miethe Family

Help us raise $2,000 by the middle of July!

Tired: that is how the Miethe Family (Hayden, Nicole and 9 children) feels right now. Tired and worn out. A year later, and they can’t imagine going any further. They are spent!

April 25, 2017 – the accident:

In hospital:

Injuries included: torn kidney, torn pancreas and a punctured colon!


Nicole is still in pain daily and is only able to manage about an hour or two of activity. Her side hurts all day, everyday.

More surgery need to be scheduled, but Hayden and Nicole have been putting it off. It means starting over at ground zero with Nicole being bedridden again for weeks, if not months. She is scared, and Hayden is at a loss.

This doesn’t address the PTSD Nicole has suffered since the wreck. She is scared to drive and honestly rightfully so.

The Miethe family is hurting in so many ways. Graphic design clients have been lost (around $1,200 per month) due to Hayden’s focus on his family.

Ways You Can Help

Prayer and Financial Donations are the most needed things. Money is scarce after all of this struggle. On top of everything else, they’re dealing with an impending $18,000 septic tank repair.

The medical expenses have continued to mount up.

Can you help?


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