Philip Zodhiates

A parental-rights case that needs Christians to get involved. Will Christians stand up against the culture and support this righteous man who helped a birth mother save her child from a former same-sex partner and child abuse? Philip helped the mother flee the country and has been convicted of aiding parental international kidnapping. How can a mother kidnap their own child of whom she has full custody?

Philip desperately needs our help to pay down his attorney’s fees because his appeal is coming up this year. Donations thus far have totaled over $3,000.

Learn More: https://419fund.com/projects/philip-zodiates/

Miethe Family

– A car accident sent this family into financial straits. The wife and one daughter were in this car:

Nicole ended up in the hospital like this:


She is now walking, but still in a tremendous amount of pain.

The 9 Miethe children

You can just imagine the tremendous financial loss that this family has suffered. Would you please help with a donation?




Learn More: https://tinyurl.com/ybfkeep4

Jackie Towns

Jackie has a special ministry of Biblical storytelling, which she wants to share in Bolivia and Southeast Asia. Check out her story at:



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