Updates and BD card shower


1.  The civil case against Philip Zodhiates, et al, by Janet Jenkins is moving forward. Because of this, Philip is in need of more support for his attorneys fees. He is still in prison, and thus not able to raise funds on his own.

2.  Philip has asked for prayers that he might be released from prison in the next two weeks!

3.  Praise!  Kathie and their son, William, were able to visit Philip on Monday, October 19 for 65 minutes with proper COVID-19 restrictions in place. Visitation at the prison had stopped since February. Kathie said, “Wearing the mask was  very hard . . . much harder than you think. It was like sucking water back into my lungs and my chest has hurt ever since . . . It was awesome to see him. “

Philip continues to receive mail from prayer partners and supporters – he received 3 today. Thank you for your faithfulness to our modern day “Paul!”

Support Philip now:


Kathie’s birthday is November 7, let’s shower her with birthday cards!

Mrs. Kathie Zodhiates

P.O. Box 1842

Waynesboro, VA 22980

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