Update on Lisa

Hello friends!

Here’s a little update from Lisa… It has now been 2 ½ weeks since she is free from Niagara County Jail. Although there have been many changes, she continues to say, “I don’t have any culture shock!” Of course there are still challenges, and we invite you to continue to support her in prayer.

After a late night Chinese supper on the Tuesday of her release, Lisa spent the night in New York with friends. The following day, after a quiet morning and even asking for a few plant starts from her host’s garden, the drive South began. After a leisure stop beside a nearby lake, they then traveled the remaining hours to Virginia. Her wish, when asked if she had someplace she wanted to stop along the way, was, “I’d like to go to a grocery store!”

Just a few blocks off the route, they stopped that same evening to visit Lisa’s father and his wife. It was a special gift to realize God’s timing, as Mr. Miller had plans to relocate to Tennessee in just a few days. Realizing their age and limitations, and the seeming mountain of packing and cleaning they still had to do, a return trip was made the next day to help them for a few hours. Thank the Lord for the opportunity to reconnect with family in that way, and to be of a little help.

God gave Lisa a cute little cottage in which to live: tiny, decorated in white with splashes of bright color throughout. She is having fun making her nest personal, planning meals, and making the best use of the available space. Thrift shops have been especially enjoyable, though sometimes overwhelming.

One of the top priorities is finding a job, and we would love if you could pray along with us for this. Continue to pray for her during the adjustment process and “recovery.” Pray for renewal of the mind and cleansing from the ungodly bombardment she faced daily in prison.

Legally speaking, though Lisa has completed her sentencing for the criminal case, it’s not all over. First, she has a year of supervised release with ongoing accountability, including but not limited to, travel restrictions even within the state. The civil case is still pending, with hopes for mediation. This case names numerous defendants, one of which is Lisa, as well as the men who have already served prison time.

Again thanks to all the prayer supporters.


A friend for Lisa

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