Update from Nigeria


Today (July 1, 2018) went amazingly well! Much prayer for wisdom and discernment is needed. On the way to the 2 churches that I teach in, a group of Muslims have asked me to teach them stories. I agreed, and we all met under a tree. It started out a small group, but before long there were tons of people surrounding me to hear the story. I told them the story of Joseph.

It went really well, and then they wanted to ask questions. It didn’t take long before they wanted to know if I thought we believed in the same God. I started praying, God said “creation,” so that’s where I went.  God kept the peace and it was truly a beautiful thing!!!

They want me to come back again next week. I agreed. Not sure what God is doing, but I’m trusting in Him and praying that He will bless me with wisdom, grace and discernment.

300 Christians were killed in a distant town a couple of days ago. Nigeria has a Muslim president, and he wants all Christians gone. The Prime Minister of India wants all the Christians gone!! And, these 2 countries God has called me to. And now He has me ministering to Muslims. WOW!!

To God be the glory!!!!

Please pray that His daughter bring Him glory in deed and in actions!! Thank you so very much for your love and prayers!

Jackie Towns

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