“The Lord told me everyone was going to be okay.”

— Hanna Sims

I delivered a check to Hanna yesterday and she testified that the Lord had been with them. Brenda had told me that Waylon usually drives with Hanna in the passenger seat, but on that particular day, Hanna was driving. Because of this change, Hanna’s life was spared. Waylon is a big guy and was able to withstand the impact much better than Hanna ever would have.
Hanna said yesterday that during the spinning, she heard the Lord say to her that everyone was going to be okay (injured, but alive). So once they stopped spinning and ended up hitting the commercial vehicle, she knew Eden (in the backseat in the car seat) was okay, and she could concentrate on aiding Waylon. She has such a sweet spirit.
Her right shoulder was injured and still hurts, but she has had to concentrate on Waylon’s PT and taking care of Eden to get the attention that her shoulder needs.
Hanna wants to thank everyone who has given to help them!
— Janet Stasulli
Co-Founder and President
419 Fund
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