Teaching English as a Second Language

Janalyn, a junior at Liberty University, is studying Interdisciplinary Studies with cognates in Global Studies and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), and will be completing her internship in South Asia next semester.

She has been waiting to go on her internship for two and a half years now, and can hardly believe that she will be leaving in just a couple of months.

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She has an unique opportunity to teach elementary level students as well as help the teachers learn new ways of teaching ESL (English as a Second Language), while attending a language school to learn the native language of the country in which she will be working.

She has been reminded time and time again to trust what the Lord is preparing for her as she ventures overseas. The Lord has arranged this internship that will allow her to interact with her future students in multiple facets outside of the classroom as well by directing the spring play and teaching a music class using the harmonica, so she will utilize her past experiences and abilities to share with these students. For security precautions, she cannot disclose the exact location of her internship.

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