Sims Family

The Sims Family was devastated, not only physically, but financially by a horrific accident on I-64 outside Richmond, VA.

Waylon, Hanna and Eden Sims

Eden is 8 months old.

While traveling on I-64 outside Richmond, VA, their car was hid in the back at about 70 miles an hour. Hanna had slowed for an accident that just happened. The driver of the car that struck them told the police officer she was looking down when the accident happened.

The impact caused the car to spin and then strike a large truck with its right front. The car was totaled and the insurance company offered them a total, for everything, $5,500 which will not even cover the total loss of the car.


Hanna had some shoulder injury (no broken bones).

Because the front impact was on the passenger side, Waylon suffered the most physical injuries. He has a broken femur with knee injuries. The femur split diagonally and was thrust into his knee. They are not sure of the extent of the damage to the knee. He will possibly need additional surgery. He has a rod and screws in his leg. He is in therapy now.

They cannot get into their apartment in Richmond due because is it on the 3rd Floor; thus they are now living with Hanna’s parents in a 2-bedroom condominium.

The lady who struck them had what is called a “minimum insurance policy” with $25,000 dollars for all claims. This wreck caused extensive damage to four vehicles. They all have to share this money.

Waylon has been told he could not work as a chef until at least 1-1-2021. He is the only bread winner; because Hanna was a stay-at-home mom for Eden.They are currently putting all things on credit cards. Rent alone is close to $1200 a month. Unemployment does not work for injuries.

Waylon has not been given a future prognosis yet . . . he normally worked 10-12 hour days on his feet as the head chef at a restaurant in Richmond called Crafted. They cannot pay him since he cannot work.

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