Reflection Ministries Launch

Loving Jesus More: My Journey Into and Out Of Homosexuality

God transformed Marilyn's life and changed the direction of it dramatically! She never dreamed God would call her into this ministry.

She has written a book about her journey out of homosexuality, and is looking to get it published by the end of summer 2018. This is not the type of book one dreams of writing, but sometimes life takes the crooked road, and you gain experience and knowledge you were never looking for.

Life circumstances coupled with decisions she would change if she could, gave Marilyn a story about homosexuality coming face to face with God’s unconditional love and amazing grace. This book takes you on that journey and seeks to “Untwist Twisted Truth” while weaving in the gospel.

With a desire to share God’s truth through writing and speaking, Marilyn is seeking to publish her book and launch a ministry to:

  • Support parents and families of the LGBTQ community
  • Reach out to LGBTQ who might want answers about God’s love for them
  • Join together with churches to minister to the LGBTQ community



Pledged of $5,000 Goal
Ended On
Help Marilyn Snyder publish her book about her journey into and out of homosexuality as well as launching her ministry to parents and family members of the LGBTQ community.
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