Philip Zodhiates

Help Philip Zodhiates win appeal of 3-year prison sentence for conspiring with and aiding a former lesbian defy court-ordered sexual abuse . . .

Philip Zodhiates is appealing his unjust September 2016 conviction in the Western District of New York Federal Court of aiding and abetting an international parental kidnapping and conspiracy to commit an international parental kidnapping, charges to which he pled not guilty.

He was sentenced in March 2017, to two concurrently running 3-year prison sentences. He is currently out on bail pending appeal in the 2nd Circuit Federal Court in New York City. The federal government alleges Mr. Zodhiates in 2009 drove former lesbian Lisa Miller and her natural daughter, Isabella, then seven years old, from Lynchburg, Virginia, to Buffalo, New York. From there, the government proved, Lisa and Isabella took a taxi to Canada and flew to Central America. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Lisa and her former partner, Janet Jenkins, both Virginia residents, went to Vermont to enter into a “civil union,” which was subsequently dissolved when Lisa became a born-again Christian. Janet subsequently moved back to Vermont where she “married” another woman.

However, news reports allege the Family Court in Vermont intentionally refused to consider the alleged sexual abuse of Isabella by Janet Jenkins during her unsupervised court-ordered visits. Lisa and Isabella were residents of Virginia at the time their “civil union” was dissolved, and Lisa and her attorneys rightfully claimed she was protected by Virginia’s marriage amendment and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, and was not obliged to put her daughter in the position of continual sexual abuse.

The sexual abuse has been allegedly intentionally ignored because Vermont, LAMBDA Legal Defense, and the A.C.L.U. saw Lisa’s case as a political opportunity to set national precedence forcing the rest of the nation to recognize Vermont’s “civil unions” as marriage. They saw it as a means to forcibly negate the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, which Congress had passed into law, as well as the constitutional amendments in the majority of states protecting its citizens from courts recognizing the same-sex “marriage” of other states.

After Lisa and Isabella were discovered missing, custody was immediately transferred to the alleged sexual abuser, Janet Jenkins, by the Vermont Family Court, arrest warrants issued by the DOJ for Lisa, Philip Zodhiates, Ken Miller (an Amish Mennonite pastor) and Timo Miller (an Amish Mennonite missionary in Nicaragua), the latter two who were also accused of aiding Lisa Miller and subsequently imprisoned.

LAMBDA and the A.C.L.U. also filed on behalf of Janet Jenkins a civil lawsuit in federal court in Vermont against Zodhiates and other parties involved.

Zodhiates’ attorneys believe his case has excellent merits to be overturned on appeal. Legal expenses at the time of this post have actually approached the $1 million mark.

The goal is $350,000.



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    • Janet Stasulli
      Janet Stasulli says:

      No, I don’t know. I will contact Philip, and see if he knows anything at this point. All I know for sure is that his attorneys are pressing him to pay them. We have been able to pay out $1,600 to him, but that is such a small amount compared to his entire financial burden. I became involved because I had to testify for the prosecution and know Lisa Miller and Isabella personally.

    • Janet Stasulli
      Janet Stasulli says:

      Philip told me on Friday that the appeal will be heard April 8 (that’s actually a Sunday) – so I would guess it would be the 9th or sometime that week. It will take place at the Second Circuit Federal Appellate Court in New York City.

      Can you make a donation to his legal fees?

      Janet Stasulli


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