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Generally I am a pretty healthy person with the occasional seasonal cold or two. This year so far, since the beginning of February, I have had: stomach flu, 2 bouts of Pancreatitis with an enlarged liver, 4 kidney infections, kidney stones, upper respiratory infection, and bronchitis. I ultimately had to quit my job due to not being able to work a full work week. I would get better for a matter of 3 or 4 days to a full week. Then, when the next week rolled around, some other illness came into play.

I feel like a walking disease at this point, and I am not sure how to pay most of my bills and then some of the medications needed and doctor's visits are nearly impossible for me to catch up on. I am requesting a lot of prayer and anything that you feel that God has asked you to give in order to help me get healthy again.

To compound matters, my mother fell and broke both legs, and our house is not wheelchair accessible. She will be needing surgery and will have to go through rehab in order to get better. She also has a lot of pre-existing health issues, which may complicate matters. My dad is retired and living on a fixed income, which hinders him being able to pay all expenses. I would be forever grateful for anything that can be donated to assist myself and my family during this difficult time.

God Bless!



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  1. Bill Bray
    Bill Bray says:

    How can we give online? I cannot find a GIVE NOW button on your site. Therefore, I am going to send a check for Maureen today to your PO Box in Lynchburg. I love the idea of what you are doing and wish you the best.

  2. Luis
    Luis says:

    I only have Internet Explorer and there is no “donate” button on this website.

    Please send an email when this technical issue is resolved.



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