Disaster Relief

Funds will be distributed evenly between God's Pit Crew and Gleaning for the World, which have been providing aid and supplies to for their many responses to disasters.

GOD'S PIT CREW is "a non-profit, faith based crisis response team of over 300 volunteers who wish to serve others in their time of need by providing supplies."

GLEANING FOR THE WORLD is "a humanitarian organization, which addresses critical needs of people suffering natural disasters and extreme poverty." They are on the ground within 24 hours of the disaster with much need supplies and manpower.



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  1. Janet Stasulli
    Janet Stasulli says:

    Comments from Houston resident:

    Today we have sunshine. We are outside surveying our home and vehicle damage. We have work ahead of us. Too much damage to list. It is exhausting to think about. We are fortunate the water did not enter our home.

    [Husband] is off work until roads clear. Not sure if he will be paid for time off.

    [Son] is unable to work, no work no pay.

    The center I teach art is closed indefinitely. So no work no pay.

    We have enough food for today. We have no idea when grocery stores will open and IF they have food to sell.

    Reality set in today. Life as we knew it is over.

    The mayor announced curfews in the city til Tuesday. Tuesday all city employees must report to work.

    Yesterday we sent with our neighbors donation items to take to local shelter. We had bibles, crayons, coloring books, stuffed animals, baby dolls, clothes, socks, towels and bedding. We sacrificed so much to give to those who lost everything.

    This is just surreal. I love watching the news only to hear people call on the name of our Lord. The reporters are not ashamed to pray with people on the air. God has plans! God is bigger than Harvey.

    I pray as reality hits and work has to get done, people will continue to remember to be Christ like!

    Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and continued support. Life has a new normal coming. We are just so grateful to be in our own home!!!

    – a Houston resident


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