Patience, diligence and faithfulness

Let’s be patient, diligent and faithful to the work the Lord has called to!

(Received from Philip February 1, 2020)

I just came in from outside.  There were just four of us today.  It was quite nippy.  I need to thaw out.

Anyway, I was blessed in what Richard told me.  He is a real student of the Bible.  But he told me today, “You know, I have never studied the Bible this way, or been part of a Bible study like this, where you just go verse by verse.”  He then told me after I walked back to the unit and I said maybe he could take over for me when I leave if he’s still here he said, “I have a feeling that you have had a very unique ministry here, and that nobody could take your place.”  How comforting and reassuring is that!

I just got an email from Carl and he told me he is hoping to get a call from you to come again to see me.  So, I suppose he is awaiting an invitation!

Thank you for the encouraging words about George Mueller.  I am praying in faith, that God will indeed move on Judge Arcara’s heart and the slate will be wiped clean and God alone will get all the glory.  His name alone will be praised.  And then I can tell people that they need to follow Christ with their whole heart, with every ounce of their being.  That when choices need to be made where we are confronted with doing the right thing, we are to just do it!  We are not to find excuses or justify ourselves in not helping someone.  We are not to tell ourselves, “Well, let me pray about it” when in fact it is the only right option.  These choices are put in front of us to test us, and we mustn’t fail in our following in Christ’s footsteps of personal sacrifice.  No matter the outcome for us!  The times will continue to get much worse for us Christians, and I hope I can be of use in convincing believers not to flinch when it comes to giving our lives for Him and for others.  That is all that matters.

Anyway, I am preaching to the choir.  But I pray I will have opportunities to share this word with many people, for we know from experience the blessings of God through obedience in the midst of persecution.  Thank you for standing with me, my love, in persevering till the end!  We shall see Christ in all His glory!  I praise the name of my Heavenly Father!

In His Service,


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