Jackie Towns – Our Modern Day Paul

Report from Nigeria

The Pastor of the two churches Jackie is ministering to each Sunday morning is in desperate need of a motorcycle to get to and from church and shepherd the people God has entrusted to him.

His salary is only 20,000 Nira per month ($55.61US) and things are expensive in Nigeria. Out of his salary, he must take all his living and ministry expenses including renting a motorcycle every week to get to the churches. Every Sunday morning, he walks from his home to the rental place in town, rents a motorcycle, gases it up, goes to preach and teach at the churches, takes the motorcycle back to the shop and then walks home. The churches are out in the bush (country) and on dirt roads.

The need: $1,000 for the motorcycle, registration, license, fees, etc., and the Bibles for the churches.

Jackie is going to purchase 4 more Bibles (1 Bible for each language represented); that way they will have at least two Bibles for each people group.

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