Hear Brian’s Story

On Friday, April 20, 2018, I met with Brian and his mother, Tina. Brian is a dynamic young man, and his most endearing feature is his infectious smile. He never once stopped smiling. Brian is currently a Liberty University student studying pre-med. I asked if he was considering the field of oncology because of this experience? He was unsure. The neat thing is he is a scribe at Lynchburg General, following a doctor around and taking down his notes. Although Brian is going through a tough time with the onset of radiation and immunotherapy treatment, he is upbeat and totally depending on God and His provisions.

For everyone who has been asking, I’m feeling great, and I have almost fully recovered from surgery. I met with my oncologist at Duke, and I decided on a new clinical trial of chemo and immunotherapy, and the plan is to start this on April 23 here in Lynchburg. I have every intention of beating this and coming out stronger on the other side, but please still be in prayer for me as I move forward with treatments. Thank you to everyone who has blessed me over the past month, whether through helping with fundraisers, prayers, encouragement, or just being there with me. GOD IS GOOD!!”

GOD IS GOOD” … that’s his attitude! If only we all could be so strong amidst difficulties. Brian’s trust is in the right place. Let’s make sure we are in the right place too and mobilize as a body and support him. Let’s all support this wonderful young man!

– Janet Stasulli, Co-Founder and President of 419 Fund