Support Free State Academy in Bedford County, VA

The mission of Free State Academy (FSA) is to give all children in the community an excellent education while fostering their desire to pursue and take hold of truth for life. The purpose is to align the community’s intellectual, moral, and spiritual worldview with the fundamental principles that are the foundation and future of America’s heritage of freedom. With God’s help, we will accomplish this by the people of the community coming together with the resources to operate a network of schoolhouses offering a close-to-free, full-time, in-person education for all.

To operate, FSA must do five things:

  1. secure schoolhouse locations, such as portions of church meeting houses and classrooms that sit unused throughout the week;
  2. purchase equipment and supplies, and an affordable K-12 curriculum that focuses on mastery of academic basics;
  3. hire a superintendent, and principals for the elementary, middle and high school grades;
  4. recruit tutors, teachers and teacher assistants, paid and volunteer, to help educate the children;
  5. effectively advertise open-enrollment in FSA.

The donated resources FSA receives will go toward the costs of additional insurance and utility usage at schoolhouse locations; the purchase of curriculum, equipment and supplies; and the vetting and compensation of a superintendent and all other paid and volunteer staff.

We are looking for Bedford County citizens to come along side to provide prayer support and the funds needed to reach our goal of starting a pilot program March 1, 2022, and a full 5-day a week school by August 2022.  Would you consider making a donation today?  Your donations are tax-deductible.  Consider your year-end donation as a Christmas present for Jesus on his birthday!

FSA wants to be a model for other community churches in and around Bedford County.

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