Life Changing Auto-Accident

The Miethe Family suffered a terrible loss last year when the mother and one daughter were in a dreadful car accident leaving the mother severely injured. Although Nichole has improved during her time in the hospital, there is still a long way to go for recovery including many more doctors’ visits, physical therapy, and other treatments. With 9 children at home to take care of, the strain on the family is very difficult as the expenses pile up.

We are still broken and in need of assistance – financially, spiritually (prayers) and emotionally. We are tired, still hurting physically, and trying to not to think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills pilling up. If you feel lead to donate money to the medical bills fund that is such a help (one of our biggest) … with repeated Dr. visits and rehab on the horizon the bills just keep coming. Again we humbly thank you!!!!”

– Hayden

Local College Student Battling Cancer

Brian Johnson is an undergraduate student at Liberty University who has been diagnosed with signet cell carcinoma. Recently, a CT scan discovered a significantly large tumor in Brian’s transverse colon. Brian is scheduled to have surgery to have the tumor removed, followed by chemotherapy and other treatments to eradicate the tumor completely.

Lynchburg, let’s come together to help one of our own!