He is Risen!

Chicks, eggs or bunnies! That’s not what Easter is about!

Easter is about a Lamb.

The perfect Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world for the entire world.

The Risen Lord brings peace, salvation, our name written in the Book of Life, hope for today and strength for tomorrow, provision and healing.

Do you have these things in your life? Are you looking for me? Surrender to Jesus today:

Seek the Lord today: repent of your sins, ask for forgiveness and receive Christ as your Savior.

This is not easy believism – repentance is a turning from your old ways and turning toward Christ’s ways. Its a 180 degree reverse of direction for your life.

If you have done this, walk worthy of your calling in Christ Jesus. Strive to be Christ-like in all your actions and thoughts. If you don’t know how, join a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching Church.

We each have a vacuum within us that only Christ can fill. So, if you have gone from one bad experience to another seeking to fill that void, reach out to the Lord. He will not disappoint!



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