When she was 9, her mom fled the United States with her for parts unknown to everyone except the people that helped them escape the judicial tyranny of the Vermont Federal Court.

Let’s hear the story in Isabella’s words:

“You see, my mother (before I was even a thought) had a lesbian relationship with another woman and they went to Vermont to get a civil union because same-sex marriage had not yet been legalized in Virginia. I was born in Virginia in 2002, and my mom, Lisa, is my birth mother. Janet Jenkins was ‘my other mother.’

“Something marvelous happened to my mom – she was gloriously saved and became a committed Christian, leaving the homosexual lifestyle, dissolving the civil union, and that’s when all the trouble began.

“Janet wanted visitation with me. She wasn’t my real mom; she wasn’t even a relative; in fact, given the opportunity twice, she refused to adopt me. So the court battles began – first, in Virginia, then in Vermont, then in Virginia, then in Vermont and on and on.

“Visitation was set up and began erratically and haphazardly – missed visits, miscommunications. Finally, there were unsupervised visitations. As a 7-year old, I started wetting the bed, having nightmares and wanting to commit suicide; I was under terrible emotional distress, which the courts totally ignored.

“My mom stopped the visitation. The judge in Vermont was not happy, and he was going to give me to Janet as a result of my mom’s disregard for the court orders.

“On September 27, 2009, my mom and I fled the country.”




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Age progression to age 18.

Isabella can return to the U.S. when she is 18 and would need support for school and living expenses. 419 Fund has created a Funding Opportunity to support Isabella when she returns to the United States free from the courts. If you would like to contribute, 419 Fund and Lisa and Isabella would be very grateful.

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