Guilty – Appeal Denied

Convicted, appeal denied for helping birth mother save her daughter.

Philip Zodhiates, Christian businessman, has lost the appeal of his conviction for helping Lisa Miller flee the country with her daughter, Isabella. Lisa is the birth mother of Isabella who was born in Virginia and the court in Winchester, VA declared to be Isabella’s only mother.

Because Lisa was in a lesbian relationship with Janet Jenkins and entered into a civil union in Vermont, the Vermont court declared that Isabella had two mothers.

This case has been in the Virginia and Vermont courts for 14 years with convictions of Lisa, Timo Miller (no relation), Mennonite Pastor; Ken Miller (no relation), Mennonite Pastor; and Philip Zodhiates, Christian businessman.

It has a tug-of-war between Virginia and Vermont with Virginia finally giving jurisdiction to Vermont; even though Lisa was a Virginia resident, Isabella was born in Virginia, and Virginia had a Marriage Amendment stating that only marriages between one man and one woman would be recognized in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

It is a case of religious persecution. Lisa became a born-again Christian, decided to leave the lesbian relationship, dissolve the civil union and was committed to raising her daughter according to Biblical principles. All the men who helped Lisa protect her daughter are Christians.

Janet Jenkins has been aided by the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center.  The homosexual lobby is using this case as their “poster child.”

When the “parental kidnapping” happened, Lisa had full custody of her daughter with no restrictions on travel. There was no crime committed.

This is a case of criminalizing Christianity in America!



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