Giving to the Miethe Family

“Giving Tuesday” is the Tuesday after Black Friday. We have co-opted the term and have designated all Tuesdays “Giving Tuesday,” having chosen one of our Funding Opportunities to highlight – the Miethe Family.

Although the accident was a while ago, there are still on-going medical expenses.

The accident involved the wife and one of the daughters – Nicole and Mercy. Mercy suffered a skull revealing gash to her head, a fractured clavicle and 3 fractured vertebrae.

Nicole, the wife, suffered 7 fractures to her spine, 8 broken ribs, while her left arm and right leg were so severely shattered they required immediate reconstructive surgery with a metal pin holding them in place.  She spent more than a month in the hospital.

“If you feel [led] to donate money to the medial bills that is such a help (one of our biggest) – with repeated [doctor] visits and rehab on the horizon, the bills just keep coming.” – Hayden Miethe



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