Excited about the Word of God

Jackie Towns is in Nigeria ministering to the Christians there.  The beautiful little lady standing by her side in this picture ran a mile from her home to church.   

“This morning as we opened up our worship service singing praises to God, I saw a woman running as fast as she could down the road. I wondered what in the wonder is going on?

“As she got closer, she turned and headed our way to the church. When she got close enough for me to recognize her, I realized she was one of our ladies in the church. She had helped the Pastor and me to clear the church grounds a few weeks back.

“I watched her as she came in the side door where the choir was singing. She immediately joined in and started singing praise to God.

“It was everything I could do to hold back the tears! This little lady ran clear from her home, which is probably at least a mile away, to come to church!!  She didn’t want to miss an opportunity to hear God’s Word! It was that important to her!!

“When I handed her a Bible in her own language her eyes welled up in tears and that gentle spirit within absolutely radiated from her. I will never forget her, and I’ll never stop thanking God for blessing me to know her. To God be the glory!”

Do you cherish the Word of God as this Nigerian woman did? How would it change your life?

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