Grace Community Church

$0 of $20,000 raised


That’s the headline you see when you go to the website of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA.

The church is being fined by Los Angeles county:

“(Fox News) Los Angeles County is moving to hold a prominent megachurch pastor in contempt of court after he hosted three indoor services Sunday — effectively defying a late-night court order that his church must comply with California’s coronavirus restrictions.

“The county is claiming that Grace Community Church and Pastor John MacArthur should each face $4,000 in fines — or $1,000 for every act of contempt they’re alleging. The county also seeks an additional $6,000 in fines from both defendants for violations of court orders, bringing the total to $20,000.”

They are being fined for practicing their Constitutional right to practice their religious beliefs.

John MacArthur and the church are fighting back and standing on God’s Word and our U.S. Constitution.

Will you support them?

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