Does Philip’s conviction affect me?

Why does Philip Zodhiates’ case matter to me?

We are in a battle for Christianity in America!

  • Criminalizing Christianity in America
  • Redefining family and marriage
  • Controlling families
  • Stripping parents of their rights
  • Calling marriage between one man and one woman bigoted, discriminatory and lacking any rational basis
  • Stripping citizens of the religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution
  • Destroying God’s design for marriage
  • Normalizing same-sex relationships
  • Fighting for the hearts and minds of the next generation
  • Blurring of the lines between male and female

What we have already lost

  • Reverence for our National Anthem
  • Ten Commandments posted in courthouses across America
  • Prayer and Bible reading in the schools – failing schools and students
  • Sanctity of human life – abortion on demand; assisted suicide
  • Sanctify of marriage – same-sex marriage, live-ins (no commitment)
  • Sanctify of God’s design – transgenderism
  • Mentally healthy children – children in crisis
  • Christianity – churches preaching falsehoods and bending to the culture

We’ve changed so much in the past 13 years- not all of it good. The video below shows much of that change


  1. Pray
  2. Only vote for candidates who stand for God’s principles – elections have consequences.
  3. Support groups that are fighting for Christians who are being persecuted by our culture.
  4. Get your Pastor involved.
  5. Write Letters to the Editor of your local paper.

Contact your elected officials about issues that matter to you.

Philip and Kathie

Help Philip and Kathie!

Send postcards to President Trump,Vice President Pence and Attorney General Sessions.

Click here to print on card stock front to back, sign, cut apart and mail.

You could use brightly colored card stock.



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