Defense Fund For Living Out Christian Faith

Southern Poverty Law Center has targeted me as the next Christian to be imprisoned for living out a Biblical faith. I am being framed for a ‘kidnaping crime’ that was never committed, much less participated in.

I do have an attorney whose fees are paid by Thomas More Law Center. However, I am responsible for raising funds for the “Costs” of my defense.
Costs include, but are not limited to filing fees, deposition, postage fees and overnight mailing, photocopying, service of process fees, mileage for attorney, computer research, expert witness fees, court reporter fees and transcripts, legal publication, etc.
When God called me to enter the political world, I said, “You’ve got the wrong lady, Lord.” Immediately I was reminded that I had said, “
Use me, Lord. I’ll go anywhere you want me to go, do anything you want me to do and say anything you want me to say.” Without further hesitation, I surrendered my will to His. I left singing in the choir, attending church meetings three times a week and went to work for The Virginia General Assembly.
Ever since, for the last 30 years I have been involved in efforts where I could be the light of the world and salt of the earth in the public square. I have been a missionary to America and stood firm on its Biblical foundations.