Diapers for Christian Refugees

Over one million diapers were delivered to Christian families in need in Iraq and Jordan during 2018. However, even more help is needed for Christian families on the Nineveh Plain in 2019. Many of the Christians who fled persecution from the Islamic state are now heading back to their looted and destroyed homes in desperate hopes to begin rebuilding their lives. While gifts of food and donated clothes are often adequate, the need for diapers has been largely unmet. The electric power plants, water treatment plants, water pumping stations, power lines, and water pipelines were destroyed by bombings from the Islamic State. The well water, being extremely salty, makes washing cloth diapers impossible. The salt from the water would irritate the sensitive skin of the babies and cause rashes. The whole purpose of the Diapers for Refugees program is to reduce or stop completely the problem of severe diaper rash that can cause bacterial infections as well as provide sanitary pads to struggling mothers. Every dollar's worth of diapers we can furnish to families in need is one more dollar they have to rebuild their shattered lives. We must come along side our brothers and sisters in Christ as they fight to rebuild their lives.



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Scriptures for Iran

12/27/18 - Update:

From a thank you letter received from Elam Ministries:

"Mona, a middle-aged Iranian woman, wanted meaning for her life. One day, she met a Christian, Reza, who shared the Gospel with her. Afterwards, Monda had a dream about Jesus. She went back to Reza to learn more and gave her life to Christ. She began telling others about Jesus. Since being saved, Mona has seen God save her daughter and youngest son. She continues to witness to her  husband and other son. Mona recently attended a conference with Elam. She now courageously distributes New Testaments inside Iran. Through her evangelism, seven women have come to Jesus and she continues to disciple them."

"It is a joy to partner with you to bring the hope of the Gospel to the people of Iran and beyond."


Elam Ministries is in the process of printing 395,000 Farsi (Persian) Scriptures this month. Please pray for us.

The Church in Iran is the fastest growing in the world. The Church is indigenous - Persian-speakers are reaching and disciplining their own people.

The harvest is truly plentiful! The cost to put a New Testament into the hands of an Iranian evangelist is $6.00.

Scriptures for the Persian-speaking world

These are significant days for ministry to the Persian-speaking world. To make the most of the unprecedented opportunities to reach and disciple Persian-speakers, more New Testaments are needed.

The Word of God changes nations - and it is having a powerful impact in the Muslim world. As Scripture gets into the hands of Persian-speakers, many hearts and minds are being transformed by the love of Christ. We believe this will result in a growing house church movement inside Iran, increased ministry in Turkey, and tens of thousands of refugees coming to Christ in Europe. Our desire is to never have to say “no” to someone who requests a Bible for a lack of supply.

This $6,000 project will send 1,000 Persian New Testaments, which cost $6.00 each, into Iran. We are grateful for your prayers and partnership in reaching and disciplining Iranians.



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Reaching and Disciplining Persian-Speakers in Iran - "It is a joy to partner with you to bring the hope of the Gospel to the people of Iran and beyond."
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