The Gospel to Nigeria

Hi Friends,

Imagine if you could hear the Word of God, every Sunday, but you cannot go home and read it. How would you feel? To know you can HEAR the word of God, but you don’t have a Bible in your language to read it? You wouldn’t be able to meditate on His Word or revisit a chapter to experience the sheer joy of reading His Story. How can a person grow in God’s Holy Word or teach their children?

This is where Stories of Glory needs your help: Your gift of $35.00 will buy five Bibles (one for a person in each of the FIVE different languages); the Bibles will go to the congregations in two little churches out in the bush, where God has led me to worship every Sunday in Nigeria.

UPDATE FROM THE FIELD: Today (July 1, 2018) went amazingly well! Much prayer for wisdom and discernment is needed. On the way to the 2 churches that I teach in, a group of Muslims have asked me to teach them stories. I agreed, and we all met under a tree. It started out a small group, but before long there were tons of people surrounding me to hear the story. I told them the story of Joseph.

It went really well, and then they wanted to ask questions. It didn't take long before they wanted to know if I thought we believed in the same God. I started praying, God said "creation," so that's where I went.  God kept the peace and it was truly a beautiful thing!!!

They want me to come back again next week. I agreed. Not sure what God is doing, but I'm trusting in Him and praying that He will bless me with wisdom, grace and discernment.

300 Christians were killed in a distant town a couple of days ago. Nigeria has a Muslim president, and he wants all Christians gone. The Prime Minister of India wants all the Christians gone!! And, these 2 countries God has called me to. And now He has me ministering to Muslims. WOW!!

To God be the glory!!!!

Please pray that His daughter bring Him glory in deed and in actions!! Thank you so very much for your love and prayers!

Jackie Towns

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Nigeria's Flag: The centered white stripe is symbolic of peace and country unity, while the green stripes represent fertile land.

There is a theological famine all across Africa. Join Jackie Towns and Stories of Glory in their efforts to use stories to share the gospel. Jackie is going on a short-term missions trip to Nigeria making disciples and training leaders. Jackie currently needs $7,000.00 for supplies, printed materials and travel expenses. Your prayers and donations are much appreciated.

Jackie teaches the Bible through the art of biblical storytelling to pastors, church leaders and church planters so they can train others in their communities that are primary or secondary oral learners.

She traces God’s redemption story line from Genesis through Revelation. The Bible is 75% narrative. God designed it that way so that we could come to know Him and embrace a personal relationship with Him!

Jackie has a unique ministry telling stories as Jesus did through parables. And God has invited us into His grace-filled story to join Him in His work for His glory.

When men and women, brothers and sisters work together in Christ and through Christ, we will be able to saturate our communities with the Gospel and the impact for Christ will be unstoppable! Authentic lives that are built on the heart and mind of Christ Jesus are contagious; hence the discipleship cycle of developing leaders to carry on the work comes with great increase.

“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To God be the glory forever. Amen”
- (Rom 11:36).



June 25 - Jackie is now teaching in Nigeria. Recently, she spoke at two of the local churches and attended a youth program at a third. She had an opportunity to teach in the Pauline Epistle class – that was awesome!! They had a great time joining Paul on his faith journey. Classes for the Metanarrative of the Bible begin on June 25, 2018. There will be a great group of graduate students. We really looking forward to digging into the Scriptures.

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Can you imagine not being able to read the Word of God? Or, living in a place where there are no Bible translations in your language? This is the land of Nigeria - a land in need of the Gospel.
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