Life-Altering Auto Accident

It was just a routine trip to the dance studio. Little did we know it would change our lives forever.

It was April 25, 2017 that our lives took a turn for the unexpected. Even though it was almost a year ago, we are still broken and in need of assistance - financially, spiritually (prayers) and emotionally.

Nicole was taking our daughter Mercy to ballet. While she was waiting to turn left into the parking lot, a car (with the driver distracted, possibly texting on his phone) rammed into the back of the vehicle she was driving.

As the distracted car was driving in excess of 50 miles an hour, her car was tossed into oncoming traffic, where she was hit a second time, this time as part of a head-on collision. The wreck was so bad that the car had to be cut open from the top in order to get Nicole and Mercy out.

The lead officer on scene said it was the worst he had seen in 20 years and that it was a literal miracle that anyone survived.

Mercy is actually the better off of the two; she sustained injuries, but will ultimately be okay.

Nicole had 7 fractures to her spine, 8 broken ribs, her left arm and right leg are so severely shattered that they required immediate reconstructive surgery with a metal pin currently holding them in place.

She has now advanced to a wheelchair. Due to her injuries she needs help to do even the most basic of tasks.

We are tired, still hurting physically and trying to not to think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills pilling up.

If you feel lead to donate money to the medical bills fund that is such a help (one of our biggest) ... with repeated Dr. visits and rehab on the horizon the bills just keep coming.

Again we humbly thank you!!!! You are helping us to survive this crazy season.



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Nicole in hospital after auto accident that threw their lives into chaos.
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Brian Johnson



Hey everyone!
Another update: I had my first chemo treatment yesterday, and it went very well! No nausea or vomiting at all, and was even able to eat chipotle during the infusion. I did have some very mild neuropathy which lasted only a few minutes, but otherwise no side effects. Praise God!! I still have to wear the slow infusion pump until tomorrow afternoon, but if carrying that around is the worst my treatments throws at me, I can live with that. Thank you so much everyone for the continued prayers, as this was definitely an answer to them.

BIG shoutout to @madeleinefarsi, @rileysnowney, and @haleyycarroll for being so awesome and hanging out with me during the treatment. And also big thanks to Keith Moon for putting up with us and being a fun nurse.

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20-year old Liberty University student fighting colon cancer.
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