Scriptures for Iran

Scriptures for the Persian-speaking world

These are significant days for ministry to the Persian-speaking world. To make the most of the unprecedented opportunities to reach and disciple Persian-speakers, more New Testaments are needed.

The Word of God changes nations - and it is having a powerful impact in the Muslim world. As Scripture gets into the hands of Persian-speakers, many hearts and minds are being transformed by the love of Christ. We believe this will result in a growing house church movement inside Iran, increased ministry in Turkey, and tens of thousands of refugees coming to Christ in Europe. Our desire is to never have to say “no” to someone who requests a Bible for a lack of supply.

This $6,000 project will send 1,000 Persian New Testaments, which cost $6.00 each, into Iran. We are grateful for your prayers and partnership in reaching and disciplining Iranians.



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Reaching and Discipling Persian-Speakers in Iran
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Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is a 21-year old college student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Earlier this year, a CT scan discovered a significantly large tumor in Brian's transverse colon. The biopsy determined it was signet cell carcinoma. Brian had surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery has been followed by chemotherapy and other treatment to eradicate the tumor completely.

Lynchburg, let's come together and support one of our own!



October 16 - Brian completed his Chemo on October 9, 2018. Let's pray that the Lord will completely heal this young man.

Here are some of his friends' comments on his Facebook page:

  • So thankful for everything God has done and will continue to do!!
  • So glad you made it thru the chemo. Praying Daily for remission. Love ya Brian.
  • My boy has finished his round of chemo!! Now let's all pray that his tests and scans coming up turn out good . I was blessed with the most awesome son that God could ever have given me!! I am so proud and love you so much Brian Johnson.
  • I am so thankful that his recovery and treatment was successful. This has reminded me of the power of prayer.

Brian is much loved by his friends. His smile is infectious and his love for the Lord in undaunted by the trials he has gone through.

June 25 - "Was feeling pretty worn out from this treatment, but I’m starting to feel better now!!"

Brian just finished the year at Liberty University - completed 2 classes this semester! Because of his colon cancer and resulting surgery and treatments, Brian had to drop his other classes.

Let's stand with Brian in this fight - donate today.

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21-year old Liberty University student fighting colon cancer.
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Philip Zodhiates


October 12, 2018

A High Profile Conservative who has managed millions of addresses for dozens of large conservative and evangelical organizations for the past 37 years, just lost his final appeal in appellate court, now petitions Supreme Court, in case of driving former lesbian mother across state lines.

Late this week the Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in New York City denied a request by high profile conservative Philip Zodhiates for a rehearing as well as a hearing en banc on his case of driving a former lesbian mother and her child across state lines.

The only thing now standing between Zodhiates and a 6-year prison sentence is his long shot big appeal to the United States Supreme Court, based on fourth amendment issues, but he also may be spending time in Petersburg Prison awaiting the Supreme Court decision on certiorari, which if granted, would be a rarity..

Bottom line: Philip Zodhiates needs a miracle.

Miracles are no stranger to the Zodhiates family as his wife Kathie had a shoulder bone miraculously grow back that was removed by a surgeon at Cleveland Clinic in 1983). Philip was resuscitated from death in 1986, and in 1995 his son healed from severe facial burns in just 5 days, amazing doctors at UVA who said he'd have to have five years worth if plastic surgeries and skin grafts.

But perhaps this miracle may come in part in the form of Justice Kavanaugh.


August 21, 2018 -

Convicted, appeal denied for helping birth mother save her daughter.

Philip Zodhiates, Christian businessman, has lost the appeal of his conviction for helping Lisa Miller flee the country with her daughter, Isabella. Lisa is the birth mother of Isabella who was born in Virginia and the court in Winchester, VA declared to be Isabella’s only mother.

Because Lisa was in a lesbian relationship with Janet Jenkins and entered into a civil union in Vermont, the Vermont court declared that Isabella had two mommies.

This case has been in the Virginia and Vermont courts since 2004 with convictions of Lisa, Timo Miller, Mennonite Pastor; Ken Miller, Mennonite Pastor; and Philip Zodhiates, Christian businessman.

It has a tug-of-war between Virginia and Vermont with Virginia finally giving jurisdiction to Vermont although Lisa was a Virginia resident, Isabella was born in Virginia, and Virginia had a Marriage Amendment on the books stating that only one man one woman marriages would be recognized in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

It is a case of religious persecution because Lisa became a born-again Christian and decided to leave the lesbian relationship, dissolve the civil union and raise her daughter according to Biblical principles. All the men who helped Lisa protect her daughter are Christians.

Janet Jenkins has been aided by the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center. The homosexual lobby is using this case as their “poster child.”

When the “parental kidnapping” happened, Lisa had full custody of her daughter with no restrictions on travel. There was no crime committed.

June 22 -  On June 22, 2018, the United States Supreme Court today reversed the conviction of a man named Timothy Carpenter who was arrested largely based on the authorities accessing his cell phone location data without securing a warrant.  It has until now been unsettled law as to whether or not cell phone location data, which is routinely kept by cell phone companies is protected under the Fourth Amendment.

A major part of Philip’s appeal was based upon the very same reasoning; that is, the government did not secure a warrant in order to obtain his cell phone location data from nTelos.  The US Supreme Court ruled such information is indeed protected by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

Please pray now that the justices in the Second Circuit don’t determine that the "good faith exception" rule applies in the Carpenter case, which means that the Carpenter ruling would only apply to cases going forward.  In other words, the justices in Philip’s appeal can rule whichever way they want and find an excuse to do so.  Pray that God continues to intervene!  They certainly made this argument during the oral arguments of my appeal, which can be heard here:

Also, should Philip’s conviction be reversed, the government (U.S. Department of Justice) could choose to try him again.  Obviously, public pressure would help his cause.  Pray that the government will drop the whole matter should his conviction be overturned and remanded and choose not to try him again.

The civil trial will go on against Philip regardless in Vermont, unless God does a miracle in that arena.  The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has a whole “army” of lawyers working on this case.

**************************                                            Video interview with Philip Zodhiates

Help Philip Zodhiates pay his attorney's fees incurred for court proceedings for conspiring with and aiding a former lesbian (now a Christian) defy court-ordered transfer of custody to "other" mother.
Philip Zodhiates is appealing his unjust September 2016 conviction in the Western District of New York Federal Court of aiding and abetting an international parental kidnapping and conspiracy to commit an international parental kidnapping, charges to which he pled not guilty.
He was sentenced in March 2017, to two concurrently running 3-year prison sentences. He is currently out on bail pending appeal in the 2nd Circuit Federal Court in New York City. The federal government alleges Mr. Zodhiates in 2009 drove former lesbian Lisa Miller and her natural daughter, Isabella, then seven years old, from Lynchburg, Virginia, to Buffalo, New York. From there, the government proved, Lisa and Isabella took a taxi to Canada and flew to Central America. Their current whereabouts are unknown.
Lisa and her former partner, Janet Jenkins, both Virginia residents, went to Vermont to enter into a “civil union,” which was subsequently dissolved when Lisa became a born-again Christian. Janet subsequently moved back to Vermont where she “married” another woman.
However, news reports allege the Family Court in Vermont intentionally refused to consider the alleged sexual abuse of Isabella by Janet Jenkins during her unsupervised court-ordered visits. Lisa and Isabella were residents of Virginia at the time their “civil union” was dissolved, and Lisa and her attorneys rightfully claimed she was protected by Virginia’s marriage amendment and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, and was not obliged to put her daughter in the position of continual sexual abuse.
The sexual abuse has been allegedly intentionally ignored because Vermont, LAMBDA Legal Defense, and the A.C.L.U. saw Lisa’s case as a political opportunity to set national precedence forcing the rest of the nation to recognize Vermont’s “civil unions” as marriage. They saw it as a means to forcibly negate the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, which Congress had passed into law, as well as the constitutional amendments in the majority of states protecting its citizens from courts recognizing the same-sex “marriage” of other states.
After Lisa and Isabella were discovered missing, custody was immediately transferred to the alleged sexual abuser, Janet Jenkins, by the Vermont Family Court, arrest warrants issued by the DOJ for Lisa, Philip Zodhiates, Ken Miller (an Amish Mennonite pastor) and Timo Miller (an Amish Mennonite missionary in Nicaragua), the latter two who were also accused of aiding Lisa Miller and subsequently imprisoned.
LAMBDA and the A.C.L.U. also filed on behalf of Janet Jenkins a civil lawsuit in federal court in Vermont against Zodhiates and other parties involved.
Zodhiates’ attorneys believe his case has excellent merits to be overturned on appeal. Legal expenses at the time of this post have actually approached the $1 million mark.

The goal is $350,000.


When is the appeal of Philip's conviction?

It was April 9, 2018. According to Philip: "It did not go well."

Please pray for the decision to be made by the 2nd Court of Appeals of New York City.


Request a pardon for Philip from President Trump by sending postcards.  Click here:


Print pages 1 and 2 on card stock double-sided, sign, stamp and mail.

* * * * * * * *

It has been confirmed that our gracious Lord has allowed information re the reprehensible arrest, trial, conviction, sentencing, appeal, and upcoming court date at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City on April 9, 2018 re Philip Zodhiates, to be transmitted to a member of the White House Staff whose first name is "Paul".

Please pray with all your families and friends that "Paul" will be diligent in researching all the particulars of the case and will present them to our president who might then direct a complete pardon and cessation of the prosecution.

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