New update on Lisa Miller

Update on Lisa Miller

Lisa is living a quiet life adjusting to freedom.  She has used the time since her release to decompress and center herself on the Word of God.

Her driver’s license has been renewed, and she is working for a Christian publishing company.

Lisa wants you to know that she appreciates your support, both prayerfully and financially. Even though She feels unworthy of your support, she is grateful for all of you.

You may communicate with her through She would enjoy receiving your comments, letters and best wishes.  Prayer is always needed for upcoming events.

Pray for God’s victory in the upcoming months.

Update on Lisa

Hello friends!

Here’s a little update from Lisa… It has now been 2 ½ weeks since she is free from Niagara County Jail. Although there have been many changes, she continues to say, “I don’t have any culture shock!” Of course there are still challenges, and we invite you to continue to support her in prayer.

After a late night Chinese supper on the Tuesday of her release, Lisa spent the night in New York with friends. The following day, after a quiet morning and even asking for a few plant starts from her host’s garden, the drive South began. After a leisure stop beside a nearby lake, they then traveled the remaining hours to Virginia. Her wish, when asked if she had someplace she wanted to stop along the way, was, “I’d like to go to a grocery store!”

Just a few blocks off the route, they stopped that same evening to visit Lisa’s father and his wife. It was a special gift to realize God’s timing, as Mr. Miller had plans to relocate to Tennessee in just a few days. Realizing their age and limitations, and the seeming mountain of packing and cleaning they still had to do, a return trip was made the next day to help them for a few hours. Thank the Lord for the opportunity to reconnect with family in that way, and to be of a little help.

God gave Lisa a cute little cottage in which to live: tiny, decorated in white with splashes of bright color throughout. She is having fun making her nest personal, planning meals, and making the best use of the available space. Thrift shops have been especially enjoyable, though sometimes overwhelming.

One of the top priorities is finding a job, and we would love if you could pray along with us for this. Continue to pray for her during the adjustment process and “recovery.” Pray for renewal of the mind and cleansing from the ungodly bombardment she faced daily in prison.

Legally speaking, though Lisa has completed her sentencing for the criminal case, it’s not all over. First, she has a year of supervised release with ongoing accountability, including but not limited to, travel restrictions even within the state. The civil case is still pending, with hopes for mediation. This case names numerous defendants, one of which is Lisa, as well as the men who have already served prison time.

Again thanks to all the prayer supporters.


A friend for Lisa

Lisa’s Release





Lisa and Joey, Timo Miller’s wife



“I Will Praise Your Name”

“I will sacrifice a voluntary offering to you; I will praise your name, O Lord, for it is good. For you have rescued me from my troubles…” –Psalm 54.6, 7

A first hand report on Lisa’s release [Tuesday, May 24, 2022]:

Praise the Lord with us, our sister Lisa has been released. She walked out of Niagara County Jail at 6 pm tonight. (Written yesterday and sent to me today.) Court convened promptly at 12 noon.

After about thirty minutes of hearing comments from both sides, Judge Acara gave Lisa’s sentence as “time served,” meaning that the time she has already spent in jail is enough.

We still haven’t figured out if the prosecution, the defense, or the judge is the correct mathematician in regards to exactly how many days she should have been awarded for good behavior, and if the sum of time served and that number adds up to 18 months. It was a bit humorous to hear. However, the judge agreed with the others, yes, even the prosecution, that it’s time to “move on.”

One more smile about the day, just as court was about to be dismissed, the clerk rose and quietly reminded the judge, upon which he gave Lisa the right to appeal her sentence.

Many thanks to those who came and filled our side of the courtroom, as well as to the many who have prayed, who are and will continue to pray. (Approximately 50 to 60 brethren showed up to show their support for Lisa.)

After several hours of waiting, Lisa was transported back to the jail and then about an hour of processing before we saw her walk out the door, this time without handcuffs or shackles.

She got whisked away by friends (to avoid the media) to a lovely park.

One last thing… While we were sitting there at the park, talking and listening… All of a sudden Lisa exclaimed, “Look at the bird! ”

A robin was feeding her babies right there in the corner of the pavilion. That was significant since last year at Niagara County Jail, Lisa saw the same sight while out in the jail rec yard. God is so faithful and awesome.

Continue to pray and praise with us.

Lisa is still going to need a lot of prayer. Her adjustments, her civil case and who knows what else she might face is looming ahead of her now. And let’s not forget Isabella. And most of all, let’s not forget to praise God for answering our prayer of so many years!


FSA 2022-23 Enrollment Has Begun

Free State Academy has successfully completed their Pilot Program, which ran from March 1 through April 29. FSA is now in the process of registering students for the 2022-23 school year.

Pilot going well

We are halfway through the Pilot Program and things are going well.

Therefore, we are gearing up for our Informational Meetings on May 3rd and 17th with open enrollment beginning May 3rd.

We anticipate a large crowd on the 3rd of May, so come early to reserve your child’s spot in the 2022-23 school year.

Many exciting things are happening with the school – fundraising events as well as scholarship opportunities.

Avenel Craft Fair in Bedford – April 16th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Spring Fling at Second Wind Farm – April 30th

Online Auction – June 2022

There are ways you can help us succeed:

  • Volunteer to help with our events
  • Volunteer during the school year – check the website for volunteer opportunities
  • Donate items for the Auction (firearms, coinage, hunting and fishing gear, getaways, antiques, etc.). Check with merchants you frequent for a donation.

Get involved – Join the Fun!






God Wins!

From Linda Wall:

When I set out a year ago to stop the “Fake Marriage” Amendment, it was a bit like David going after Goliath.

The “LGBT” cult is powerful and well financed. They had spent two years working to have the Biblical definition of marriage removed from the Constitution of Virginia and replace God’s Word with their abominable definition

My mission was divided into two sections. The first nine months were spent helping defeat six democrats in the House of Delegates. Defeating the “LGBT” amendment would require that conservatives win control of the House in November 2021.

That was achieved.

The next five months of work behind the scenes with legislators ended in victory when six members of a subcommittee in the House of Delegates voted against the fake marriage amendment.

Praise God! Marriage is still one man and one woman.

Again, thank you for your support.


Due to an unexpected emergency, we have an urgent need for one or two volunteers. Qualifications:

Must be able to work with students 6-8 years old, varied levels, preferably teaching experience in reading.


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays through April 29, 2022, for our Pilot Program.

Language Arts in the morning and math games & History in the afternoons.

Could be split into 2 sections, if we have 2 volunteers.

We are located at Timber Ridge Baptist Church at 3234 Timber Ridge Road, Bedford, VA.

If you would like to help us with this urgent needs, email Merri at

Home School Alert!

Update on HB 511 Students who receive home instruction; participation in interscholastic programs. (Tebow Bill)

HB511, Tebow Bill, was referred to the Senate’s Subcommittee for Public Education on February 22, 2022. (The bills crossed over to the opposite chamber around 2/15/22.) The House of Delegates passed HB511 and Governor Youngkin has said he will sign the bill.  Pray and contact State Senators to vote “YES.”

Call the following Senators and voice your support:

Education and Health Subcommitte – Public Education)
Hashmi (Chair), (804) 698-7510
Howell, (804) 698-7532
Locke, (804) 698-7502
Dunnavant, (804) 698-7512
Peake, (804) 698-7522

All parents whether the kids are home schooled or in the public school, they pay property taxes. Passing this bill is the right thing to do.

Spread the word!

$25,000 goal

If you were leery about donating and wondering if our goal would ever come to fruition, we are on our way to being a full-fledged school. Classes for the Pilot Program begin March 1, 2022! Fall classes will begin September 6, 2022.

We are:

Free from government intrusion

Patriotic to the core – Pledge to Flag every day

Teaching Virtues that are missing in public education

Providing superior education for all Bedford County students


The mission of Free State Academy (FSA) is to give all children in the community an excellent education while fostering their desire to pursue and take hold of truth for life. The purpose is to align the community’s intellectual, moral, and spiritual worldview with the fundamental principles that are the foundation and future of America’s heritage of freedom. With God’s help, we will accomplish this by the people of the community coming together with the resources to operate a network of schoolhouses offering a close-to-free, full-time, in-person education for all.

We are seeking like-minded Bedford County citizens to step up and help us reach our goal of


There are many ways you can participate in this campaign:

  1. Make a one-time donation:
  2. Pledge monthly support:
  3. Sponsor a student at $100. Send check payable to 419 Fund (FSA in memo) to FSA, c/o 419 Fund, 1338 Jefferson Way, Forest, VA 24551.
  4. Get your church involved by adding $100/month to the home missions budget.
  5. Spreading the word about FSA and our mission.

This appeal has gone out to you because you expressed interest in Free State Academy and wanted to stay informed of our progress. We now need the community to come along side and join us in our endeavor to develop patriotic, responsible, virtue-loving students who will mature into good citizen adults.

Please pray about this request and give today.