Bolivia Report

Bolivia was great, but all of the original plans were changed. It ended up a typical short-term mission trip. I love teaching the Word of God and being involved in leadership meetings with the local leaders discussing and laying out plans to impact this world for Christ.

I really enjoyed interacting with the students from Liberty Christian Academy, and I met some really great people in Bolivia.

They asked me to teach English one day for the older missionary students. So, I grabbed my Bible and off I went. I worked with them for four hours and taught 3 Bible stories.

Each one read the entire Bible story and after each reading, we talked about the story, words they didn’t understand or life applications for their own faith journey. After the fourth reading, they had to tell the story, and then, after the fifth reading, the students had to do a drama of the story. That was a lot of fun!!! And now they know 3 Bible stories by heart!!

I also got to speak at two women’s conferences. That was wonderful!! I taught the faith journey of Elijah at one conference, and the faith journey of Mary and Martha at another. The ladies were great! They have invited me to come back down for the big women’s conference. I am looking forward to going back and visiting with everyone.

Thanks to everyone who made my trip possible. There are more to come.  I’m going to India mid-May and then on to Nigeria.

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