2 Hard Weeks Behind Him! Update on Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson was in the hospital for 16 days because of complications from his cancer treatment. This brave young man is completely trusting the Lord for his healing and return to full strength.

Excerpt from his Facebook page (June 6, 2018):

I’m still in the hospital—day 13. Currently the plan is to wait out the rest of this week to see if things resolve on their own. There is talk of possibly cutting me open at the beginning of next week if things do not resolve and see if there is an issue with my connection from my previous colon resection. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping things resolve and I can avoid that, but it is nice to have some kind of finish line in sight, surgical or not. Please continue to pray for me and for my doctors.

From his Facebook page (June 10, 2018):

🚨 BIG NEWS!! 🚨

I’m being discharged today!! The past couple of days I’ve had great improvement and have been able to start eating again. That means I’m going home with no surgery! Praise God, as this is definitely an answer to prayer! Thank you everyone who has been praying for me and encouraging me over the past 2 weeks. Also thanks to everyone who visited me and kept me company (and also kept me sane) whilst being stuck in here.

Praise the Lord for answered prayer!

This is a call to all Christians

We need to join together in prayer and financial support for Brian. Let him know you care by posting on his Facebook page, sending messages to info@419fund.com and donating to his 419 Fund


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