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July 8

July 9, 2020 Thursday, Day 584 Dear Friend, I constantly must remind myself that God’s promises in Scripture are real and true. My vindication will come from Him alone (Isaiah 54:17; Proverbs 21:31). He acts on behalf of the one who waits for Him (Isaiah 64:4). Therefore, I must be patient and endure (James 5:11), […]

Goats and Sheep

ARE YOU A GOAT OR A SHEEP? A Call for the Church to be the Church and stand on TRUTH! FROM PHILIP ZODHIATES June 18, 2020 I have been met with the presence of the Lord in one of the most powerful ways I have ever experienced in my life. I met Him with tears, […]

May 25 Letter

PRAYER ALERT There may have been a riot at Ashland prison; all inmates are on lockdown confined to their cells. Please pray.  This disruption will cause a delay in getting Philip’s reply to Judge Arcara in time.   May 25, 2020 Monday, Day 538 Today is Kathie and my 39th anniversary, although we did not […]

May 5 Letter from Philip

May 6, 2020 DAY 518 Dear one in Christ, I praise the Lord for His love and His sovereign working all things together for HIS Glory!  We serve an amazing and awesome Lord, and I never cease to be overwhelmed by His grace, mercy, and love and the way He works everything together for good. […]