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Goats and Sheep

ARE YOU A GOAT OR A SHEEP? A Call for the Church to be the Church and stand on TRUTH! FROM PHILIP ZODHIATES June 18, 2020 I have been met with the presence of the Lord in one of the most powerful ways I have ever experienced in my life. I met Him with tears, […]

May 25 Letter

PRAYER ALERT There may have been a riot at Ashland prison; all inmates are on lockdown confined to their cells. Please pray.  This disruption will cause a delay in getting Philip’s reply to Judge Arcara in time.   May 25, 2020 Monday, Day 538 Today is Kathie and my 39th anniversary, although we did not […]

May 5 Letter from Philip

May 6, 2020 DAY 518 Dear one in Christ, I praise the Lord for His love and His sovereign working all things together for HIS Glory!  We serve an amazing and awesome Lord, and I never cease to be overwhelmed by His grace, mercy, and love and the way He works everything together for good. […]

Easter vs. the World

How the Virus Stole Easter Author: Kristi Bothur With a nod to Dr. Seuss… Twas late in ‘19 when the virus began Bringing chaos and fear to all people, each land. People were sick, hospitals full, Doctors overwhelmed, no one in school. As winter gave way to the promise of spring, The virus raged on, […]