Anything, but an Ordinary Day!

April 25, 2017 started out an ordinary day, but one that would change the Miethe Family forever!

On that day, over a year ago, the car Nicole was driving and daughter, Mercy, was riding in was slammed into on-coming traffic by the vehicle behind them.

April 25, 2017:



While awaiting more surgery for an accident-related injury, Nicole broke her arm.

This family has been through so much!  Accident, loss of income, surgeries, more surgery anticipated, broken refrigerator, failing septic system. Hayden is the sole-caretaker for his injured wife while taking care of their 9 children and trying to run a small business.

Hayden has a great attitude – trusting the Lord all the way. This is his Facebook profile:

He isn’t giving up and throwing in the towel. He covets our prayers, while trusting the Lord for provisions for his family.

Let’s put feet to our prayers and give financial help and encouragement to this father of nine!

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