5 Bibles for Gift of $35.00

Hi Friends,

Imagine if you could hear the Word of God, every Sunday, but you cannot go home and read it. How would it feel? To know you can HEAR the word of God but you don’t have a Bible in your language to read it? You wouldn’t be able to meditate on His Word or revisit a chapter to experience the sheer joy of reading His Story. How can a person grow in God’s Holy Word or teach their children?

This is where Stories of Glory needs your help: Your gift of $35.00 will buy five Bibles (one for a person in each of the FIVE different languages); the Bibles will go to the congregations in two little churches out in the bush, where God has led me to worship every Sunday in Nigeria.

Please help us put Bibles in the hands and hearts of your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, here in Nigeria. Your gifts will provide the needed funds so the pastor will be able to distribute Bibles to all adults who can read, have the desire to learn to read God’s Word, and are committed to attending the weekly Bible Studies. We are currently sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the art of biblical storytelling and teaching but the people desperately need a physical point of reference to study God’s purpose for their life!

Thank you so very much. Your gift is most appreciated.

To God be the glory.

Jackie Towns

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