38th Anniversary!

Today is Philip and Kathie’s 38th wedding anniversary.  Let’s give them a special gift today!

Donate $38.00 to Philip’s defense fund.

Besides, what remains unpaid from his defense prior to entering prison, there will be more attorneys’ fees for defense against the pending civil suit.  With Philip in prison, there is no way to work and earn money to pay these expenses. Let’s come together and help this righteous couple. Philip has been wrongfully convicted for a crime that never happened to appease the LGBT community.

Philip drove Lisa and Isabella from Virginia to New York while Lisa had full custody of her daughter, NO travel restrictions and full use of their passports. Where’s the crime?

Please help me make their 38th anniversary apart a little brighter. This will be the first time in 38 years that they will be apart for their anniversary!

Janet Stasulli, Co-Founder and President
419 Fund

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